Education in Vietnam


In Vietnam education is seen as a valuable commodity. Unfortunately, the government does not have the funds to build sufficient schools and offer quality education. This is a particular problem in rural areas, where many do not go to school, due to low numbers of teachers as well as teachers who cannot offer quality education. When supplies are present, students are eager to learn and even go to school on Sundays.

Consequences Vietnam war

Vietnam is also still suffering the after affects of the war in the 1960s. During this war, chemicals such as napalm and agent orange were used. Today there are still children born to those affected by these chemicals. This is still considered a taboo subject. Aid is therefore mostly supplied by foreign organisations. This is slowly changing however, especially in the cities, where the facilities are improving for the disabled, so that they can make their mark in society.

Champa mainly focuses on the descendants of those who suffer the after effects of the war and who lead a difficult and arduous life and still have their dreams and ambitions. Champa supports these individuals and stimulates them to create a better future for themselves.

Since a number of years we have been helping the sisters Giang and Huong.

Children living, studying and working at Friendship village, Hanoi

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