How we work

How we work

Impulse for the local economy


Champa works closely with local teachers, social workers and other trained experts in the field of education. With their help, Champa decides who will receive aid and what form this support should take. We take into account the enthusiasm and level of drive of these youngsters, as well as their personal circumstances.

These youngsters, for example, receive lesson material or a student scholarship. Occasionally, Champa will also help provide primary needs such as food and accomodation. We made clear agreements with those we support in order to maintain a high level of involvement and encouragement to pursue their ambitions.

Personal involvement

Even after these agreements have been made, Champa remains in contact with these young people in order to supervise the progress they make and also to act as coach when necessary. Champa not only aims to provide financial support but also encourages the exchange of knowledge. The Champa network is evergrowing and brings young people and in contact with each other and with organisations.

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