Former monks Ae and Sichan

Ae and Sichan are two young men of approximately twenty years old from Laos who chose to turn their dream into reality and study English. This means that they had to leave the temple where they had lived since childhood.

Bamboo School

Phandeang village is located approximately forty kilometres from the city Luang Prabang. This village only has a primary school and only one or two boys have the opportunity to enter one of the temples in Luang Prabang and to be educated.

Pass on a book

Many monks and novices in Laos are extremely motivated to educate themselves and learn the English language. Champa supplies books for each level, which can consequently be passed on.

Giang en Huong

Giang and Huong are two young ladies from Vietnam who live with severe physical restrictions due to the effects of the defoliant, agent orange. This was used during the Vietnam war and claimed many victims of the second generation, such as Giang and Houng.