Giang & Huong

Success of these Vietnamese girls knows no limitations


Giang and Huong are two young ladies from Vietnam who live with severe physical restrictions due to the effects of the defoliant, agent orange. This was used during the Vietnam war and claimed many victims of the second generation, such as Giang and Houng.

In spite of their disabilities they have learned English independently. Through Champa’s support Giang started studying information technology in Hanoi and has succesfully graduated. Currently, she is trying to find work as a website designer, which is not easy due to her limitations.
Giang’s sister Houng’s physical disabilities are more severe and made it impossible for her to study. She does however, provide Giang continual support and is the creative brain behind the website design. Champa’s website is proof of the succesful colaboration between these two sisters.

Maartje in Vietnam